Daily Vlog | Vacation Recap, Cozy Home Day, & Roasting Seeds

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34 Comentários

  1. Oh, and I only have a suggestion to make – would you put timestamps when you do the sponsored parts of the videos? I know it's a good part of your income and the goal is for the most people to watch those bits, but it's so annoying… Specially for someone who's not in the USA and doesn't have the chance to do any of those buys… Just a thought. 😘

  2. I really liked this vlog! Specially the cosy, relaxed conversation between you two and "with" us, mixed with funny moments and Larry's jokes. It was the most fulfilling thing to watch. 😌 Also, the weather vibe (cloudy – there and here) might have helped a little. 😊 Love you, guys! 💗

  3. I’m a couple weeks behind on on vlogs… wanted to tell you I LOVE the new furniture 😁I’m so glad y’all had a nice vacation. The highest temp we’ve got over the next few days is 45. Lows is 20!!!!!

  4. I am from California close to San Diego and the weather is cold but it gets a bit hot during the day. Baby is so adorable 😍

  5. I live in Central Minnesota and we have been getting snow for two days! It's so magical and beautiful!

  6. East Coast Canada over here and as I'm currently watching it is feeling like -6 degrees (about 21.2 Fahrenheit) and we also have a snowfall warning for tomorrow!

  7. Hey long time fan. Love y'all

    I'm from Paris Texas
    Freezing thirty and fourtys tps. Pouring rain off and on

  8. Hi lovely family. Here in Yorkshire UK its 51 degrees Fahrenheit and very cloudy. Not very nice at all .🌸🌸🌸🌸

  9. I loved your previous fireplace so much I bought one! Can't wait to have that cozy vibe at night!!

  10. I'm from southern Finland. Not snow yet, but temperature is going down and become freezing. Next week we have minus Celcius degrees. Even -12°C nights what is about 10 F.

  11. I am from Washington State and the weather is crazy. It goes from the low 30’s in the morning to the 50’s one day to rainy and freezing the next day thankfully it has been nicer the last couple of days except yesterday was really chilly all day but no rain. Thank you for the videos. I love watching your cute family. ❤

  12. I am in East Texas and we just got a cold front so we are in the 30’s at night and 50’s during the day. It won’t last of course! Will be back in the 80’s!

  13. Also, I live in maryland. The weather keeps fluctuating and not knowing what to do. One week we will be in the low to mid 70s and then one week we will be in the mid 40s to low 50s.

  14. Weather has been crazy for sure ! I’m originally from Cleveland Ohio but currently in Newark Delaware and today is 75 degrees! Crazy crazy !!!!!