Inédito: Who is Iran Angelo de Souza 2023? | iran angelo de souza

Iran Angelo, 33 years old, is the ex-wife popular football player Hulk. Hulk is currently in love with Camila Sousa, his niece. Iran was in the spotlight when she began dating Hulk in 2005. Hulk met her in Japan in a Brazilian restaurant.

Who is Hulk ex-wife?

Hulk, who has three children with ex-wife Iran Angelo, expressed his joy at the latest addition to his family alongside photos of him holding Zaya and another with Camila. “Under the blessing of God Almighty Father and Our Lady, our little Zaya was born,” Hulk said on Instagram.

How old is Camila de Sousa?

It is thought that Hulk, 35, and Camila, 32, have been dating for close to two years, after original reports of their relationship emerged in December 2019. Hulk’s 12-year marriage with Camila’s aunt, Iran Angelo de Sousa, had ended just a few months prior.

Is Camila Angelo a doctor?

Camilla appears to be a medical practitioner, who is shown wearing a stethoscope via her social media posts. Apart from this, she is also a model and social media personality.

When did Iran Iraq split?

Iran–Iraq War

The Iranian Revolution in 1979 drastically changed Iran–Iraq relations for 24 years. War broke out between Iraq and Iran in September 1980. Eight years of fighting left around 600,000 dead and caused huge disasters for both sides, thereby grimly blistering ties between Tehran and Baghdad.

Is Hulk married to his niece?

Reports linking Hulk to Iran’s stunning niece Camila Angelo emerged in January 2022 before he married the 32-year-old two months later.

Did Hulk marry his wife’s niece?

Hulk, whose real name is Givanildo Vieira de Sousa, caused a major stir last year when it was confirmed he had left his wife of 12 years and started a relationship with her niece. Iran previously opened up about the “great pain” she suffered as a result of the marriage breakdown.

Is Hulk with black widow?

The developing romance between the characters was scrapped in later movies, with the Hulk revealed to have flown off to a little-known planet in Thor: Ragnarok and the two characters more occupied with battle plans than dating when they were reunited in Avengers: Infinity War.

Did Hulk get his niece pregnant?

Hulk announced in September Iran’s niece was pregnant with his fourth child. The footballer confirmed Camila, 32, was expecting in an Instagram post which included footage of them kissing each other and photos of them holding up ultrasound scan photos of the unborn baby.

Is Hulk married to his cousin?

Brazilian forward HULK broke up with his wife of 12 years back in July 2019, having three children. Due to rumours, he has come out and officially confirmed that he is dating his ex-Wife’s NIECE. So he is now currently dating his children’s cousin

Who is Hulk dating?

Hulk has been married to Angelo since March 2022 after the pair began dating back in October 2019, following the Brazilian’s separation from his previous wife. Due to the family relations between the two women, it meant that Hulk and Angelo were already known to each other prior to their relationship.


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