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LIVE – How to Start Day Trading 📈 by Ross Cameron

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💰Remember, day trading is risky and most traders lose money. You should never trade with money you can’t afford to lose. Prove profitability in a simulator before trading with real money. 

💪My results are not typical. Do not mirror trade me, or anyone else. Mirror trading is extremely risky

🍏 All of the content on our channel is for educational purposes only. No data, content, or information provided by Warrior Trading, the Site, or the other products and services of Warrior Trading, is intended, and shall not constitute or be construed as, advice or any recommendation to buy, sell or hold a particular security or pursue any particular investment strategy.

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  1. I spent $3000 taking a course on trading and I can clearly say, I've learned more from you then I did taking that course. I'm a beginner and I look forward to joining your group in the very near future. $300 per day would be my goal.

  2. Thank you Ross for showing us the way to a safe and possibly a good start. I appreciate your honest and trusting information. I am planning to trade full time in near future. I possibly will start with your course and see where it will take me. Thank you and good luck to all who are really serious.

  3. I missed BNB, HT, KCS, I also missed UNI & CAKE, but I won't miss a chance with KRRX. PreSale will run until November 25th, I still have enough time to earn or buy KRRX.

  4. Dude never thought about an offshore account. I have margin account. I tend to lose on overnight trades, I look to win 2% each trade

  5. You know you will have blessings when someone gonna put food on table because of your knowledge.

  6. Don't get your self worth from others. Look at the new Lambo as nice for them and their insurance agent, Not as a Bad for you.

  7. Hi Reed, I watched the whole video. Nothing usually get my attention like you did. Quick question about your course. Are your classes made up of pre-recorded videos or are you the live teacher? I'm really interested.

  8. Hey Ross, what are your internet speeds and do you have any recommendations for minimum and ideal download/upload speeds for your type of precision sniper candle analysis?

  9. How do you find Company mergers, Earnings reports, catalyst that will influence the price on a stock.

  10. You've got a new Subscriber Ross. Great content!
    I have a question, I am ready to start day trading to make that $100 a day, I am in the UK, any idea which platform would be the best to get me starting trading on? I've just signed up for my beginner trader kit.

  11. Hi Ross, just find you on youtube, you'r great, one year i'm trying to learn this trading charts and this world etc and i love it but the information from you helps a lot, thank you very much !!! Greatings from The Netherlands (Amsterdam) I'm sure gonna learn a lot from you , thanks again !!!

  12. What is your take on ally invest. Would you consider them as one of the best brokerage platforms for beginners?.

  13. Hi, I've just stumbled onto your channel, liking your content so far, quick question, do you rate trading 212 as most of my funds are in there gathering small daily dividends.

  14. I appreciate your wisdom and the value on a lambo was real transparent. simple down to earth. blessed.

  15. I'm with u , I'd rather go unnoticed, I never felt the need to own expensive things , I came here from Mexico at 14 with no English. I just sold houses apartments & got rid of tenants after 10 years . And now I'm existed & determined with a new challenge to learn a new skill & learn to invest even though I'm not a young cheek any more .thank you you're great .

  16. Hi, I followed your link to the "Ultimate Beginner's Guide", but it opens a page were there's nothing to click for the download; it does say to sign up in order to receive an email kit, but there's no form to fill to actually sign up.. What to do?

  17. Thx Ross… already day trading on tos for over two years now. Going over old content to learn again. Traded DWACW last week 🔥🔥🔥

  18. You say “you guys” more than any teacher I’ve ever listened to. Can you try using “you all”?

  19. YES Ross, You are a mazing teacher, I'm always watching you every single day, and replay time again and again because the way you teacher and trade is very acceptable, and is so prouder for you when you make more than a 50 T. a day, that's so gorgeous !!!

  20. I literally watched a few mins of your video and subscribed to your channel. You sir are a breath of fresh air to say the least. Thank you for all that you do!

  21. Hello Ross, what are some examples of offshore brokers? What companies are the ones you work with? Thanks in advance

  22. Do brokerages chard 100 dollars sometimes just to enter a trade. I would like to know how commission works that the brokerage takes. And how long usually do you stay in a trade

  23. I am just starting out. I love the videos and the way you present all the facts, good and bad. I am very interested in day trading and I know I can be successful with your help.
    Thank you

  24. What you said about the "lambo" craze is so heartfelt, caring and considerate…. you sir are one in a billion. <3