#LOM When Plantation Mammying Goes Wrong + No Bond for OnlyFans Thug Who Killed Her Boyfriend!

* O link do vídeo está no final desse post.

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30 Comentários

  1. The audio was messed up in the first 9 minutes so I edited it and the edits will be done processing in a few hours beloved.

  2. The Gregory peck’s movie “Shoot Out” says it all for yours truly .

    Because many of us believe , what we do to others likewise so shall it be done unto us , Amin .

    So , free the creators and supporters of oppression if you must , the scale of inequality shall be balanced perfectly whether we know , like it and understand it or not .

    Need we and the “imaginary Almighty” in ancient Babylon ; ancient Egypt ; in Ancient Rome and sooner or later ancient America say more ? B1 . Amin again and Shalom .

  3. The issue is that the parents gave another recourse and they decided He was going to put it in a bun. They have a case.

  4. Just because his name is Jerome, doesn't mean he's black; crooked wig!!!!!
    I can't believe I use to listen to this woman!!!!
    I absolutely cannot with wig either Queen!!!!!

  5. Shalom Beloved Sis Queen And Beloved Family Of ISRAEL All Praises Glory To The Most High YAH ❤ 🙏 🙌 💙 ♥.

  6. Also today on court TV they stated that she was on her only fan page with him having sex several several several times and she did not look like she was not being abused that she was quite happy and welcome to do what she was doing trying to act like he was trying to pimp her and stuff and it does not appear That's what was happening trying to make this up and she goes along just have a little behind just like that crazy old woman who killed you know who are not really killed that young boy but was involved in killing him with her husband and brother-in-law you know who I'm talking about she's a liar she's a liar I don't believe her like like you used to say whose kids liar liar pants on fire

  7. Girl went crazy before she killed him then she called her mama before she called 911 she knew what she was doing she was trying to build her story to protect herself

  8. That young man with the dreads and his adopted father was at the Snoop Dogg concert I think O dawg might get into to this.

  9. So glad there's a judge not giving in to whyte tears, she may be a flight risk.
    I would like to hear an explanation as to why yt ppl have our hair other than saying it's not appropriate.
    So#fraud today #wig wars #bye wig has learned nothing from her association with the NOI! Everything she's doing is going against all their principles espically working with the devils and not loving her own people. She was supposedly in attendance when the Honorable Minister gave his Criterion address. He may give her a call about her disloyalty to the community.

  10. OMG! WTF! Wig started a fight and is getting her butt tore up. Yet she keeps coming back for more. Stay down!