Planning Mandy’s sweet 16

* O link do vídeo está no final desse post.

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24 Comentários

  1. That is wright bird she is the most important your girl 💄🥰🌷 yes yes yes mole I’m coming

  2. Your husband look like he wanted to cry when you ask about your daughter turning 16 how sweet

  3. Mandy looks so beautiful in all the dresses 👗 I was exactly like her when I was her age. I didn't want any party. I didn't like being the center of attention lol. There's a YouTube channel that interviews all those people. They tell their story about how they grew up and ended up homeless. It's very interesting. The channel is called Soft white underbelly.

  4. She looked absolutely gorgeous in dress number A congratulations Mandy on your sweet 16 💖💃💐

  5. Girl your husband is one of a kind so give him a break lol! Remember that went you were away, he took charge of the family , you all so beautiful 😍 and so blessed to have each other, little mario sooo adorable 💕 Dios los bendiga siempre.

  6. Hey girl…
    You continue to amaze me and inspire me daily!! I have mobility issues from symptoms from chemotherapy I’m young also with a teenager just watching you inspires me to go out and not hesitate or be ashamed of the way people stare , when I walk like they feel sorry for me… I hate that I don’t know if you experienced that? You probably don’t care lol I don’t either for the most part but it does hurt sometimes… well thanks again🌀🙏🏽

  7. Awww Beautiful Mandy you deserve the Best Day Ever! And Bird You have the Heart of Gold i love the relationship between you and your kids and Hubby ❤

  8. Shout out to baby Mario’s Astros hat ! Also I loved the blue dress with the corset 🥰

  9. It's so sad to see all those homeless people.
    It's crazy to think that Black Lives Matter Inc has taken in over 10 billion dollars, and if they would just take like 20-40 million, they could build so many low income homes for the homeless, but instead they've been buying up mansions & donating to political groups that AREN'T helping. That money should be going to help the homeless, create jobs, housing, education, etc… especially when a large population are Black Americans. Hopefully someday the homeless population & different ethnic groups will get more help.

  10. Yes!!! A P.O. BOX, to send her a gift.. and I must say, Sophia always makes the show🥰🥰🥰

  11. Mandy is such a beautiful first child💙
    ,she reminds me of my first. Such a beautiful soul. God continue to bless you girl! Keep that same energy always.

  12. The homeless situation there is OUT OF CONTROL 🤦🏻‍♀️ I'm a school bus driver and I have to drive the kids through there all the time . It's sad that they have to see that on their way to school 🥺 to be honest it used to be worse.. they cleaned it up a lil