Rapper Reacts to Anime Openings FOR THE FIRST TIME!! | Bleach

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Rapper reacts to Anime Openings for the first time. Bleach Openings 1-15

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Bleach All Openings All Endings 1-11 OST First Reaction Rapper Reacts For The First Time! Anime Openings Rapper Reacts Knox Hill Nicholas Light TV Bleach Endings Theme Songs Music Rap. Series Lyrics Explained First Time Hearing.

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48 Comentários

  1. What else should we react to? 🤔 Comment below! Also hope the audio is good enough guys (and video)!! I’ve literally spent the past six hours editing this 20 different ways to have them all blocked and this one finally cleared 🤦‍♂️ Last, if you like the intro song stream my album ‘Blacklist’ now 🖤 http://song.link/blacklistlalbum

  2. You should watch the "Number One" theme of this same series. It's in English completely, so it'll be easy for you to not carw about subtitles.

  3. Those are the 15 current openings. The anime stoped airing in 2012 but the it returns this October. I am beyond hyped.

  4. Yo Knox, I would love it if you reacted to Zutomayo’s songs too, they are a Japanese band, listen to them, you will like their songs.

  5. The 1000 year blood war starts this October bleach finally gets finished with the final arc title Kubo works will finally get finished hope Disney don't destroy or the world will be mad we have waited for over 10 years

  6. Finally, he reacts to the Bleach Opening.
    I love Bleach so much. My favorite opening is the first, It's so nostalgic. Anyway, In my opinion, that's one of the best anime. I recommend you watch this series you won't regret it. At the beginning of Bleach also episodes 3 until 20 are a bit boring, but after that Bleach gets better and better.

  7. Knox not only do you need to watch Naruto but evidently you need to watch bleach. Mistaking yourichi for Salem

  8. I remember the star rated YouTube days of watching so many bleach AMV being made. I remember watching the Kesha tik tok song being placed with the beach episode 😂

  9. 22:57 Clever analyzing right there, little did you know, the band's called Scandal which the member is all girls and they all sing…

  10. So your favorite are Ichigo and Renji. Honestly they do have some of the best swords(zanpakuto). But, Renji bankai is incredible so i can't wait for the thousand year blood war arc this year. I hope they have a good intro and you do a reaction

  11. Sad part of this show is the fans been waiting for 10 years now to finally continue the anime cuz in 2012 the anime stop airing cuz of the author/mangaka of the series has a lot of health and also at the time the manga is almost caught up to the anime so they had to stop but fans been waiting patiently for the anime to continue and it's coming this year in October

  12. We picked the worst year to make bleach popular modern America is about to wreck this poor show and Americanize it WITH DISNEY of all things….

  13. Bleach was the king of anime openings back in early 2000s, sure One Piece and Naruto had good Ops but nowhere near as good as Bleach

  14. Intro #6
    Knox: Okay, now teddy bears sing… Alright.

    For whatever reason, that caught me off guard and made me laugh super hard.

  15. I would highly recommend this series just watch it with the filler guide so you don't get confused.

  16. You would like this series Knox it has 366 episodes including some fillers but all of it is good. I am not as much of a fan of the bount seasons but I love this anime that I have bought all 366 episodes in there original Japanese with subtitles

  17. Bleach anime ended in 2012 but the manga continued all the way to 2016 so yes bleach has finished. The anime however was left unfinished and will return fir the final arc in October of this year