Will Ethereum Classic (ETC) Profitability Ever Come Back? [PRICE – DIFFICULTY – SPECULATION]

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Ethereum Classic Hard Fork is complete but what does it mean now for us miners? Will it ever be the same?

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In this video I go over the current profitability of mining ethereum classic, why the profitability is where it is and where it could go in the future. If your mining ETC let me know in the comments section below how it’s going for you.

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***This is only what I am doing and is not to be misconstrued as mining advice. Only download programs that you are comfortable downloading based on your own research.***

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****This is not investment advice, just my own journey and is by no means what so ever to be taken or mistaken as investment advice. Consult a professional investor, which I am not, for investment advice.****

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35 Comentários

  1. It’s gradually gaining traction as its hovering around 12 which is good to level off from the 17 dollar mark it had dropped from. Would love an update video later on. I do like how it’s been beating many of its predictions

  2. I have i5 3rd gen, 1060 3gb, 550w, h61 m so what should i upgrade to make more than $2 minimum… H61m runs amd gpus if then which one

  3. ETC is going up and and up..all of a sudden. $7.00 OMG! I'm getting excited about this. Finally!

  4. i mine ETC on Ethermine about 10 a day …. to poloniax exchange…still all my ETC are pending (VALIDATING) . By my calculation it will need about 100days to finish all validations. Can you help me and explain why is this happening? TNX

  5. transfering ETC is full problem , i try to transfer some ETC to mai coinbase account an iti panding since 24 hrs

  6. I quit mining eth when I went from mining over .05 to .04 per day. My 1070's do much better and all my cards run cooler. I'm looking to the future. Etc is way undervalued since it can do anything eth can do including switching to an eth2 version in the future. I'm thinking, Etc will absorb the hash power of eth and become a very big thing since it is actually decentralized. The uses have still not been adopted yet but they will and especially so after eth fires all the miners. I'm going to rack up Etc while the getting is good. If people are paying over 20k for a bitcoin that can't actually do anything, I'm thinking $40-80 for an Etc is in well within the realm of reality. Short term mining with gpu cards is futile. You would have to have 100's of cards to make it worth while. If you had that kind of money, why not just buy and trade and make even more money? I've made a lot more money trading than mining. Eth has been a huge dissappointment and it's only going to get worse.

  7. It is not profitable for me. have a NVIDIA GTX1660 Super with 6 GB. Did a test yesterday when your video came out. had 40.41 MH/s.

  8. i dont belive at bitcoin go over 100k in next 7-10 years its now 25k and i thing its gonne be in 2022 august near 35k-40k if we are luckky

  9. im not sure how anyone can call etc profitable with 90 percent of the exchanges not allowing deposits of etc let alone exchanging it to another coin or usd. thats not what i call profit.

  10. When video on Epic Cash? Epic Cash is always profitable. Especially dual mining Epic Cash falling back to Ethereum when Epic Cash is on Randomx or Cuckoo cycle instead of ProgPOW.

  11. I sold my 1060 3GB cards in October and got myself 2x new 5700XT's. Would love to mine ETC rather then ETH, but not at the current profitability. I hope that in Jan or Feb. the drop off of all the 4GB cards on ETH is settled, then we'll see how everything turns out. Not giving up on ETC just yet.

  12. thanks for the update, has anyone had any problem with AMD cards mining on Windows? It has to do with the new driver update.

  13. Great video will take a few weeks to balance in Jan to see where 4g cards will sit when eth is over the DAG.

  14. Hi Shane Great Vid, The only way that ETC is profitable is if you have the hash rate to throw at it solo mining for me it blew out to over a week after the Thanos hardfork so no longer profitable to mine but if you have 150 to 180 M/h to throw at solo mining it will still be profitable

  15. Hi Cryptofish. I`ve recently send ETC transaction from my Exodus walled to my Ledger but it never arrived. I`ve noticed that even though the blockchain explorer shows that it has been successful, something doesn`t feel quite right as all my previous transactions TX Fee was only 0.000021, this failed one shows 0.000441. 441 devided by 21 is 21. Does it mean that my ETC was doublespent by some malicious miner?

  16. Thanks for all the tips and tricks over the couple months I have been following, has helped me out a lot.

    Look forward to your next video.